Digital Design Principles and Practices, Third Edition
John F. Wakerly
Consulting Professor, Electrical Engineering, Stanford University
Vice President, Engineering, Cisco Systems


  • Chapter 1 Introduction
    -- Digital-design levels (.pdf, 41K)
  • Chapter 2 Number Systems and Codes
    -- CRC codes, two-dimensional codes for RAID arrays (.pdf, 27K)
  • Chapter 3 Digital Circuits
    -- VHC/VHCT CMOS families (.pdf, 35K)
    -- LVTTL and LVCMOS (.pdf, 33K)
    -- PECL (.pdf, 16K)
  • Chapter 4 Combinational Logic Design Principles
    -- C programs (.pdf, 45K)
    -- ABEL tutorial (.pdf, 76K)
    -- VHDL tutorial (.pdf, 171K)
  • Chapter 5 Combinational Logic Design Practices
    -- Early PLD coverage (.pdf, 86K)
    -- Buiding-block realizations in ABEL and VHDL (.pdf, 61K)
    -- Improved combinational multiplier coverage (.pdf, 87K)
  • Chapter 6 Combinational Logic Design Examples
    -- Barrel shifter (MSI) (.pdf, 22K)
    -- Dual priority encoder (MSI) (.pdf, 19K)
    -- Floating-point encoder (ABEL) (.pdf, 22K)
    -- Tic-Tac-Toe (ABEL) (.pdf, 54K)
    -- Ones counter (VHDL) (.pdf, 32K)
    -- Tic-Tac-Toe (VHDL) (.pdf, 43K)
  • Chapter 7 Sequential Logic Design Principles
    -- D-enabled and Scan flip-flops (.pdf, 41K)
    -- CMOS flip-flop analysis (.pdf, 20K)
    -- ABEL tutorial (.pdf, 77K)
    -- VHDL tutorial (.pdf, 33K)
  • Chapter 8 Sequential Logic Design Practices
    -- Registers and latches in ABEL and VHDL (.pdf, 74K)
    -- Early PLD coverage (.pdf, 191K)
    -- Counter design in MSI, ABEL, and VHDL (.pdf, 172K)
    -- Shift-register design in ABEL and VHDL (.pdf, 68K)
    -- Synchronous design methodology (.pdf, 41K)
    -- Synchronizing high-speed data transfers (.pdf, 60K)
  • Chapter 9 Sequential Logic Design Examples
    -- Guessing Game (ABEL) (.pdf, 34K)
    -- Sunnyvale traffic lights (ABEL) (.pdf, 48K)
    -- T-Bird Tail Lights (VHDL) (.pdf, 22K)
    -- Sunnyvale traffic lights (VHDL) (.pdf, 42K)
  • Chapter 10 Memory, CPLDs, and FPGAs
    -- Synchronous SRAM (SSRAM) (.pdf, 38K)
    -- CPLDs (.pdf, 63K)
    -- FPGAs (.pdf, 51K)
  • Chapter 11 Additional Real-World Topics