Who We Are

Founded in California in 1996, the Wakerly Family Foundation, a private foundation, exists to provide financial assistance to qualified public charitable organizations, enabling them to conduct programs for the benefit of our communities. Our philanthropic interests include supporting private education; providing emergency assistance to at-risk populations; assisting immigrants to the United States with education, housing, and employment; promoting economic opportunities for disadvantaged households through low-income housing, job skills training, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship; strengthening emotional and mental health resources for children, individuals, and families; and improving quality of life for elderly populations and their caregivers. We support organizations that are funded primarily by non-governmental sources.

The Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals at this time. Previous grantees are automatically invited to apply for future grants. For detailed grant application guidelines, click here.

About Our Founders

Kate Wakerly and her husband John Wakerly established the Foundation in 1996. Kate passed away in 2004. Her vision and passion were instrumental in setting the course for the family’s philanthropy. Not only did she care deeply about the well-being of others, she was always ready to roll up her sleeves and get to work, whether this involved funding a new school in Nigeria, supporting community projects including the newspaper’s annual charitable fund, volunteering at a local shelter for individuals experiencing homelessness, or ensuring immigrants had a safe place to network, find jobs, and improve their English language skills.

Kate Wakerly, Founding President (1948-2004)

The major service area of projects funded by the Wakerly Family Foundation initially included the San Francisco Bay Area counties of San Mateo and Santa Clara, California. After Kate’s death, the Foundation has remained committed to many of the causes she championed, while broadening its focus to charities where its board members currently reside, in California, Illinois, Massachusetts, and Wisconsin.

Our Board

John Wakerly, President
Gina Rich, Vice President
Ralph Wakerly, Treasurer
Michael Wakerly, Board Member
Susanne Robertson, Board Member
Marie Hoy, Board Member