Xilinx Foundation 1.5 Software CD Installation Instructions

Two CDs containing Xilinx Foundation 1.5 software are packaged with most domestic and international printings of the third edition. The user license and installation instructions for this software appear on pages 947-950 of the book, as well as here (.pdf, 26K). Most users will be performing a new installation and can skip Section IA in the Xilinx instructions.

Installation tips:

In order to place and route some designs, you may eventually have to update your Foundation software. Don't bother with this now.

For additional support, students should refer to their instructor, to their teaching assistant, to support.xilinx.com, or to the Xilinx Student Edition Frequently Asked Questions page. The last two [or three ;-) ] resources are usually available 24 hours a day. Live Xilinx technical support (telephone or email) is not offered for the Xilinx Student Edition package.