Digital Design Principles and Practices

by John F. Wakerly

The fourth edition, ISBN 0-13-186389-4, was published in the summer of 2005 by the Prentice Hall division of Pearson Education. Most customers will want to order the complete bundle, ISBN 0-13-173349-4, which shrink-wraps the book together with Xilinx ISE and Aldec Active-HDL student edition software.  Xilinx and Aldec have kindly provided a free license to their software for student use only, but for that reason the shrink-wrapped bundle is typically available only at college bookstores, and not from retailers such as

Pearson has discontinued the CourseCompass (formerly OneKey) site, but student materials are now available here without a login, and instructor materials are available directly from Pearson; see below.

Students: Links below contain the following supplementary materials:

All of this material is subject to copyright, so please do not republish or post it anywhere.  You may of course link to it, or download it to your own computer.

Instructors: You can sign up for instructor materials by contacting your Pearson / Prentice Hall representative or by going to the Resources tab at Pearson’s home page for DDPP4:  Instructor resources include lecture slides and all existing exercise solutions (but I haven’t written solutions for all exercises).  If you don’t have an access code/account, just try to download anything and you will by given the opportunity to sign up.  If you previously used the third edition, two important instructor-resource files you will find are Ex3to4 and Ex4to3, which are cross-references for third- and fourth-edition exercises and solutions.

Miscellaneous items:

Fourth-edition errata

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