Digital Design Principles and Practices,
Third Edition

by John F. Wakerly

On the links from this page, you will find materials for both students and instructors who are using the second and third editions of the book.

The original version of the third edition (ISBN 0-13-769191-2) was released in late 1999 and had Xilinx Foundation 1.5 software pasted into the back cover

A "Third Edition Updated" version of the text started shipping from Prentice Hall in August 2000. Except for a few more typo fixes, the text in the updated edition is identical to the original Third Edition. The first few printings of "Third Edition Updated" version (ISBN 0-13-055520-7) were shrink-wrapped with Foundation 2.1 software. The latest printings (ISBN 0-13-176059-9) are shrink-wrapped with Xilinx ISE student edition 4.2i. There is no easy way to get the older Foundation software, because it is no longer licensed by Xilinx' partners.

There is also a number for the Third Edition Updated book by itself (ISBN 0-13-089896-1), but when you order this from Prentice-Hall, their computer is supposed to automatically substitute ISBN 0-13-176059-9, so you get the version that is shrink-wrapped with Xilinx ISE student edition 4.2i.

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Student Site -- Exercise solutions; third-edition exercises for second-edition users


Third-edition errata (Last updated October 20, 2003.)

Xilinx Foundation 1.5 Student Edition CD installation instructions

Xilinx Foundation 1.5 software update

Second-edition errata (.pdf, 8K)

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Last updated October 20, 2003